About Us

HydrogeNext is part of Experience POWER week, which is the intimate, solutions-driven event where electricity generators meet to collaborate with energy leaders across multiple verticals and initiate the vision for the future of power generation. The event is made up of three conferences: Distributed Energy Conference, Electric Power Insights, and HydrogeNext. Since there is not a “one-size fits all” answer when it comes to efficient, reliable, safe, and resilient power generation, Experience POWER was created to deliver on all aspects of electric power generation from traditional power sources to distributed generation solutions and the role of hydrogen on the path to decarbonization.

Experience POWER week takes place August 14-17, 2023, in Savannah, GA. You have the choice to attend with an all-access pass, giving you access to all sessions in the Distributed Energy Conference, Electric Power Insights, and HydrogeNext or you can choose to just attend HydrogeNext. Any pass gives you access to the networking activities and the exhibit hall at Experience POWER.

HydrogeNext covers the full hydrogen energy value chain from production to distribution and end-use, bringing together power generation and chemical process industry professionals to collaborate and learn about the fast-paced advances being made toward a hydrogen economy.

The use of hydrogen in power generation offers several advantages, including increased energy efficiency, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and improved energy security by reducing dependence on fossil fuels. However, significant challenges, such as the cost and infrastructure needed for hydrogen production and storage, must be overcome in order to fully realize the potential of hydrogen in power generation. In order to produce green hydrogen, a reliable source of renewable energy is required. This could be in the form of wind, solar, or hydropower. The industry-led program committee of HydrogeNext is excited to offer sessions on hydrogen financing, storage, transportation, production technology, safety issues and more. 

Who Should Attend?

Company Type:

  • Fuel Supply/Transportation, Industrial/Institutional Plant 
  • Integrated Energy Company 
  • Municipal Utility 
  • OEM; Manufacturer’s Representative 
  • Vendor of Equipment/Services 
  • Private Power 
  • Rural Electric Co-op 
  • Engineering/Procurement/Construction 
  • CCUS 
  • Chemical Process Industries 
  • Financial Institution