About Experience POWER

Experience POWER week is the intimate, solutions-driven event where electricity generators meet to collaborate with energy leaders across multiple verticals to overcome disruptions to ensure a reliable energy future. The event is designed to bring the pages of POWER magazine to life and is made up of three conferences: Distributed Energy Conference, Electric Power Insights, and HydrogeNext. Since there is not a “one-size fits all” answer when it comes to efficient, reliable, safe, and resilient power generation, Experience POWER was created to deliver on all aspects of electric power generation from traditional power sources to distributed generation solutions and the role of hydrogen on the path to decarbonization.

Experience POWER week takes place August 14-17, 2023, in Savannah, GA. You have the choice to attend with an all-access pass, giving you access to all sessions in the Distributed Energy Conference, Electric Power Insights, and HydrogeNext or you can choose to attend a single conference of your choice. Any pass gives you access to the networking activities and the exhibit hall at Experience POWER.

The Distributed Energy conference brings together utility-scale electricity providers with other power generators, including commercial and industrial facilities, educational institutions, cooperatives, and private enterprise, to dive into real-life applications, project planning, and the business and financial aspects of distributed generation.

Electric Power Insights addresses traditional power generation topics from generation to delivery, covering the full energy value chain across all fuel types – gas, coal, nuclear, and renewables. It provides real-world, actionable content and case studies for plant managers, operations and maintenance teams, EPCs, plant engineers, and more, providing the knowledge needed to run reliable, safe, efficient power plants.

HydrogeNext covers the full hydrogen energy value chain from production to distribution and end-use, bringing together power generation and chemical process industry professionals to collaborate and learn about the fast-paced advances being made toward a hydrogen economy.

Experience POWER is the official event of POWER magazine, which are both part of Access Intelligence, LLC, and was designed to bring the pages of the magazine to life by bringing together the power community to experience first-hand the news and technology reported on in the magazine.

POWER, the single global resource for print, media, and events in the power and energy industry, was established in 1882 and is the only industry publication that addresses all power generation, and related technologies and fuels, utilized throughout the world, providing news and information for this increasingly complex sector. The POWER brand is dedicated to providing its global audience with exclusive analyses of the latest trends, best practices, and insight on power generation and related projects through several platforms, including print, digital, and in-person events. POWER equips generation professionals and those who support them with the resources they need to make informed decisions that power the future.

Interested in how POWER can work for you? At POWER, we believe in a consultative partnership where we can come up with a marketing program based on the client’s strategy and objectives. Download the 2023 media kit to learn more!

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